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At Royal Spa Terre Haute, we carry the finest hot tubs, saunas, and swim spas in the Wabash Valley area.


You can trust in our decades of experience to find the best hot tub to suit your needs.

Feel your stress melt away by relaxing in your brand-new sauna. Indoor and outdoor saunas can be installed with ease.


Choose a standard size or allow us to customize your sauna to fit your specifications.

You'll love your brand-new, locally made swim spa from Royal Spa Terre Haute. Get a great workout in your own personal spa.


If you're moving to a new house, we can

even transport your existing spa for you.

Why Choose Royal Spa Terre Haute?

Our spas, hot tubs, and saunas are made of highest-quality materials. All our products are locally made to your specifications. Spas from "the competition" use plywood and recycled plastic to cut corners with their products.

Additionally, our spas use the best technology to efficiently and constantly circulate, ionize and purify the water. Other spas may only perform these tasks intermittently. If you need new parts or servicing, this can easily be accomplished in our local factory warehouse.


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