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Hot tubs made in the USA

All the hot tubs sold at Royal Spa Terre Haute are made in Indianapolis, IN. Choose from a wide variety of colors and custom-build options to create the perfect hot tub that fits your living space.

Efficient water systems

Our spas circulate, filter, and ionically purify the water 24 hours a day. The spa water is filtered 30 to 60 times a day for less than $6 a month. You'll also save on heating costs by 80 to 90%, thanks to the latest spa design.

Royal Spa Terre Haute offers you the best hot tub shell warranty in the industry.

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Feel safe in your hot tub

Choose a tub with a cabinet made of 100% pressure-treated lumber. No computers or circuit board controls present, so you won't have to worry about any water getting inside them. These hot tubs sit on a 4" tall fiberglass pan which offers true support and protection.

Enjoy a relaxing bath in your new hot tub

Hot tub layouts

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